How to add WordPress blog to google site kit

How to use google site kit WordPress?

If you complete a WordPress blog and want to publish it with Google, you have to know – how to use google site press WordPress. But How? I am sure that you have already installed the “Google site kit” plugin on your WordPress.

If you, didn’t, please hurry up. It is an important and interesting tool for an affiliate and CPA blog site. After publishing your site you will spend a lot of time here.

So that, after installation you have to follow these steps to integrate the google site kit & Search console :

  • Activate your “google site kit plugin.
  • After activating the “Google site kit “– It will show you a “Congratulation “message.
  • You will see a button as  “start set up” – below the dialogue box. Click on it.
  • After clicking the set-up wizard, you will be asked to sign in with your Google account.
  • Put your WP blog’s name: (Your Domain name).com

  • Click on “Sign in With Google”. Next, some more options will ask you to “allow”– and you should allow them.
  • You will see a “Confirm your Choice” – option box.
  • Checked on boxes # (4) “view and manage Search Console data for your verified site” and # (5) “Manage the list of sites and domains you control” > next “allow”
  • Next, you will see a “Set up Search Console” with your “site name” – click on

“Add site” button.

  • After clicking the “Add site” button google will be connected to your site successfully.

Integration With Google Site Kit:

google site kit WordPress

Next, you will need to integrate your blog into the Google site kit’s all products. Like:

  • Search console: Google site kit’s main Service is a Search console, as Google is the largest search engine at this moment- it can track the visitors of your site and find out the total search result as well as their queries. The search console will show you the result. So, that you can analyse your Visitor.
  • Analytics: Google Analytics will help you to find out your potential visitors and how they are navigating your site. it will help you to track down your visitor’s behaviour and help to achieve your goal accordingly.
  • Page Speed Insights: For an ideal blog, page speed is another great issue to keep a customer on the page’s inside. To speed up your page – “Page Speed Insights” play an important role. You can observe your page’s speed and can compare your site with other pages in the world. The tools will guide you to improve your page speed and performance.
  • Tag manager: Without knowing any coding you can tag your site with “Tag Manager”. it’s a great feature for non-technical bloggers.
  • Optimize: Again, without any coding knowledge, you can easily optimize your site with “Google Optimize”. You can also set up A/B tests.
  • AdSense: AdSense will give you the option to publish “Advertise” of other publishers and the opportunity to earn money from their ads. provided by Google.

Google Site Kit Documentation & Site Kit Support.

Google Site Kit is a WordPress plugin developed by Google that allows users to easily integrate and configure various Google products for their websites. If you’re looking for some query about Google Site Kit, you can find useful information in its official documentation:

  • The Site Kit documentation provides how-to guides for common tasks, such as choosing a Search Console property, configuring Site Kit keys, event tracking, managing AdSense and other Google services, and addressing known limitations. It also covers GDPR compliance, permissions, and front-end performance.
  • If you encounter issues, the Site Kit support section offers guidance on troubleshooting. You can use the Health Check and Troubleshooting plugin to identify issues and view console errors to diagnose problems.
  • An Expert Review provides insights into Google Site Kit’s pros and cons, helping you make an informed decision about its usage.
  • Additionally, Google’s official support explains how to set up Google Tag Manager using the Site Kit plugin.

Remember to consult the documentation, support forums, and expert reviews for thorough guidance on using and troubleshooting Google Site Kit for your WordPress website.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Google Site Kit:

Who is Site Kit for?

Answer: Site Kit is for WordPress website owners who want to understand user behaviour and improve their online presence. It offers easy-to-understand metrics and actionable insights directly on the WordPress dashboard. Source

What does Site Kit support cover?

Answer: Site Kit support includes connecting Google services, installing and setting up Site Kit, choosing a Search Console property, configuring wp-config keys, event tracking, GDPR compliance, and more. Source

How to fix common issues with Site Kit?

Answer: Common issues with Google services linked to Site Kit (AdSense, Analytics, Optimize, etc.) are best addressed through the documentation and support provided by those services. Source

Is Site Kit enabled for AMP support?

Answer: Site Kit enables AMP support, but you might need to install an additional plugin. Further details are available in related documentation. Source

What is Google Site Kit and its purpose?

Answer: Google Site Kit is Google’s official WordPress plugin that provides insights into website visitors, helping analyse and improve website content.

These FAQs cover various aspects of Google Site Kit, from its target audience to its features and troubleshooting steps. For more information, refer to the official documentation and expert sources.

You have almost done your job and have completed the job to add a WordPress blog to the google site kit. If you are a new blogger, I think you should know “How to start an affiliate marketing blog to earn passive money.”

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