What is a CMS & what are the features of the best CMS

Best CMS software for websites & features.

After selecting your  “Blog niche” and a “Hosting provider” ” you need to know about CMS and its features with the best CMS software websites. So, Let’s discuss:

What is CMS? 

CMS means – “Content Management System”.

Elaborately – To create a blog or a  post or any article – The blogger needs some content – like (an article) writing, image, table, menu, audio, Video, chart infographics, and above all a  database. And he has to customize all related data and databases through a system.

To manage all these contents easily through a system called CMS. It is an application/software. The CMS is also used to develop a web or a blog site

 By using a CMS system – one can :

  • create
  • edit and
  • manage everything

– Without having any special and technical knowledge. Like Coding knowledge (HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, etc.) for Front-end and back-end web designing.

What are the features of the best CMS?

Before selecting any CMS – every blogger should justify some basic Features/functions and qualities of that CMS, which are :

  1. Easy and user-friendly content editing system, for those who have no technical knowledge.
  2. Flexibility to create new content, edit, delete upgrade, and re-publish.
  3. Management of content should be easy. Like available templates of content and page Management opportunities with better architecting and add-ons/ plugins.
  4. Available and strong security system and an option to integrate third-party security apps.
  5. The affordable cost to bear for beginners and professionals, without any hidden cost.
  6. Third-party apps integration opportunity.
  7. Availability of user control and managing system.
  8. SEO features.
  9. Social Media integration and marketing option.
  10. Analytical option of search engine.
  11. Future integration and ongoing requirements/adaptation options of technology.
  12. Easy customization and the re-designing option of the architecture of a CMS.
  13. Fast and the best customer support from the vendor.
  14. Strong customer support with the least CMS cost with a better storage system at CMS’s networking server and recovery option of data.
  15. Best customer review and a better user experience.

Some popular and best quality CMS with their special feature:

  • WordPress.org Mostly Used & popular for blogs (Free). Only need Domain Hosting Cost.
  • WordPress.com Mostly used for commercial sites and blogs / Pricing $ 4.00/ Month. But 36 monthly plan is better (Commercial Hosted Version of WordPress)
  • Wix The second popular CMS/ Beginners friendly/Drug and drop customization/ Free version available / paid version cost: starts from $13.00/Month
  • Joomla – Mostly used for CMS but can be used also for blog / Not so good for the beginner.
  • Shopify- “All in one” platform / best CMS for e-commerce and online store for commercial purposes / Cheapest plan $ 29.00- per month. The highest plan is $ 299.00/month Magento – A most powerful
  • Magento A most powerful and pricy e-commerce platform/ free version is available/ But the paid version is highly cost effort: $ 22000/ year.
  • Squarespace – is best for small business owners and solopreneurs. And also, able to do blogging / Basic plan for personal use starts at $ 16.00, and the Highest plan for advanced commerce at $ 54.00/month
  •  Big Commerce: for online e-commerce/the plan starts with standard @ 29.95/month and pro @ 299.95/ month.
  •  Ghost: Specially designed for bloggers/ Free but have to pay the Domain & Hosting Charge
  • Drupal: is a good option for a Developer/Designer/trainer and best for complex and heavy content or huge traffic web/blog sites. A paid and free option is available, but for maintenance and support, you need a pro version.

As a result, after reading the article I hope you will be able to understand.

Now, that you know CMS and its features with the best CMS software websites. have to select one CMS for your blog.

Personally, my choice is   WordPress.org, but if you want to use it for commercial purposes, you should go to WordPress.com or Wix.

Do you want to learn more about a blog & affiliate marketing, if yes you can read the article: How to start an affiliate marketing blog to earn passive money.

Please, Give your remarks about the content and share it with your nearest one.

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