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Welcome, to FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) – About blog & digital marketing. We will learn here some – Definitions / Terms & acronyms and a glossary – about blog & Internet marketing. If you have redirected from my main article “How to start an affiliate marketing business to earn passive money?”, thanks for your patience.

To create a successful blog and website or to be a successful digital marketer- you must have to know – FAQ about blog & digital marketing. You should know some basic terms and theories. And if you have come here through search – you are welcome again, because you must have some curiosity about blog & internet marketing. 

Some Definition of blog & Internet marketing

1. What is a blog?

In a single word, “Blog” means: “A weblog”.

Furthermore, “Weblog” means – something written on a webpage by someone or a group about any product(‘s) / services(‘s) or something about their thoughts or things to reach other people or audiences.

Elaborately, if someone writes something electronically about his thoughts. Philosophy, Products, Research, News, Innovation, Personal affairs and stories or any other things to Publish on a site i.e., The Website is called a blog.

A Blog is a website that publishes something (or, anything) as written to catch others’ attention. Blogs are organized its content in reverse chronological order (the latest articles are shown first)

2. Difference between Blogger and Blogging?

To write anything on a blog(site) is Blogging (writing).

And, who writes (The Author/Publisher) is called a Blogger.

3. Core Difference between a website and a Blog(site)?

Truly, Every blog site is a website, but every website is not considered a blog site. The main elements of a blog site are blogging (Writing) or articles. The blogs are flatter than a website.

So a blog site is mainly populated with discussion, information, and thoughts of personnel or a group, about any product/ service, research, dream, philosophy etc.

If you think about a bank or an online market – The site might be a website, where their main objective is not blogging (but, these types of websites may publish or contain some blogs as writing an article),

Again, if you think about a discussion and review of a product – it might be a blog site. The main object of these types of sites is to exchange thoughts and knowledge and encourage the traffic to purchase their services and products indirectly.

4. What are the Objectives of blogging?

The main objectives of a blog are:

  • Sharing thoughts, new ideas, and philosophies.
  • To give information and knowledge to others and educate some audience.
  • To increase the visibility and traffic of the site.
  • Give the right direction and opinion to the potential customer.
  • To reach more people and rank in search engines.
  • To grow up and build authority.

5. What are the core benefits of blogging?

As a blogger, you will get some benefits from blogging. It will –

  • Build an online identity.
  • Help to start a new business and turn a blogger into an entrepreneur.
  • A blog helps a person to change into a good writer and an author.
  • Helps to Connect with new and more people.
  • The blogger may be turned into an influencer.
  • Blogging helps to grow up a strong network.
  • Helps to do SEO.
  • Freedom to earn money online.
  • No justification for the employers
  • Lead generation.

6. How a blogger can make money?

A blogger can make money in many ways. like:

  1. Affiliate marketing.
  2. Pay per Click
  3. CPA marketing.
  4. Blog writing.
  5. Drop shipping
  6. Advertising Banners
  7. Google AdSense (CPC).
  8. Sponsored Post.
  9. Lead collection and Sales.
  10. E-mail marketing
  11. Product reviews.
  12. Publishing books.
  13. Live training and workshop.
  14. Authority blog or website

And also, there are many more sources to earn money with a blog.

7. What is the average income of bloggers?

According to “glassdoor”, the average base pay of a blogger is:

$50,991 / year. (Monthly More than $ 4000.00)

According to various surveys on the internet: The average income (Estimated) is shown in the graph.

18% of total bloggers = Less than US$ 10.00

07% of total bloggers = US$ 11.00 to US$ 100.00

15% of total bloggers = US$ 100.00 to US$ 500.00

10% of total bloggers = US$ 500.00 to US$ 1500.00

15% of total bloggers = US$ 100.00 to US$ 500.00

14% of total bloggers.= US$ 1500.00 to US$ 3000.00

13% of total bloggers = US$ 3000.00 to US$ 5000.00

15% of total bloggers = US$ 5000.00 to US$ 10000.00

More than US$ 10,000.00 = 08% of total bloggers.


At present, the total number of websites is around 2 billion and currently active More than 600 million blogs.

8. Types of blogs (According to site objects).

  • Personal Blog
  • Business Blog
  • Affiliate Blog
  • Niche Blog
  • News Blog
  • Reverse blog
  • Media Blog
  • Freelancing blog and many more….

9.  According to the article’s object – Types of blogging.

  • The Pillar Page Post (“Ultimate Guide” or Main article)
  • How-to guides
  • “What Is” Post
  • Checklists/Cheat Sheets
  • Infographics
  • Interviews
  • Guest Blogging
  • The Newsjacking Post
  • Personal Stories.
  • Resources or Link Lists
  • Reviews
  • Controversial Post
  • Podcast Show Notes
  • Videos
  • Guest Posts

  • Blog Series
  • Case studies.
  • Reports
  • Weekly or daily roundups
  • Breaking news
  • Personal stories
  • Research paper

10. What is – Niche?

Generally, we know, the product or service, which we want to sell is a niche.

There are several types of niches (Noun-Nitch), like Ecological, Mutualism, Parasitism etc. But in the commercial world, there is a different type of “Niche”, which is called – “Business Niche”. We will discuss only a Business Niche.

In business terms – “The Niche” is a Focused or targeted area of a broader market- which we separate and differentiate to compete with others. The Niche is the least profitable segment of a market to target a group of audience or potential customers to make a profit.

11. Types of niches according to focus area?

Comparatively, “The Niche ” which is mainly chosen by a promoter has belonged to many forms. But, only to discuss, we divide it accordingly. 

Types of niche
  1. Niche (Broad niche)         
  2. Sub-niche         
  3. Micro Niche(Niches under sub-niche).
  4. Macro niche (a niche within a micro niche).

At first, we have to select a specific “Niche” (Broad) – “To focus on our “audience”. Suppose, it is related to “Health”. That means, “Health – Beauty and Fitness”- Niche.

Furthermore, the related Sub-niche may be “Beauty “. The niche under the sub-niche should be -” Hair” and the micro-niche may be “Anti-hair fall treatment”. The specific treatment/remedy may be considered a macro niche.

Again, Though it is related to Beauty, the niche under sub-niche may be “skin” and the micro-niche may be “Skin darkness remover”

12. Which are the most popular niches at present?

Here, are some best profitable and most popular Niche (Broad) Ideas, to create a blog for affiliate and CPA marketing:

  1. Online Money Making
  2. Health and Fitness
  3. Wealth or Personal Finance related Niche
  4. Dating and relationship
  5. Fashion
  6. Lifestyle
  7. Travel
  8. Business and marketing
  9. Technology and gaming
  10. Education …. And many more.

Where, the first Three/ Four niches are considered Evergreen niches (Health, Wealth Online Money making and Dating). You can analyze more about your niche (according to your interest) and select one “Micro Niche” to create a Blog for you. I hope you understand.

13. What does “managed hosting” mean?

In the managed hosting provisioning model, a service provider leases dedicated servers and associated hardware to a single customer; the customer is in charge of maintaining the systems.

14. What is the purpose of the “liquid web”?

 Liquid Web is the platform that professionally manages everything related to the website hosting service, whether it be the functionality of the website or the management of services.

In conclusion, we will add more FAQs from time to time. If you consider the article useful, please leave a comment and share it with your community.


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