How to choose the best Hosting Service

How to select the best Hosting Service?

To create a blog for affiliate and CPA marketing in WordPress, you will need a hosting service. And you should know – How to select the best hosting service.

Again, before discussing the procedure to select the best hosting service for a new blog, we should know about the hosting service. So,… 

What is Hosting?

In a single word – hosting is the address of your blog/website.

Further, you can consider it in your real life as a position/place of your office/ showroom and shop. Just like a physical business address.

The hosting provider will allocate some space and professionally manage all of your “name and address” and all types of files/images/audio/ Video and codes/data/information at their dedicated server for you.

All websites and blogs in the world are connected to a server anyhow. When we visit the blog or website, it shows the source data directly from the hosted server.

We are providing here some important features for choosing a hosting service.

1. Loading speed:

If you are a beginner and want to rank your blog/website in search engines (like Google) – you have to check the loading speed of your hosting service as your first choice because Google likes it and gives it priority.

Several factors influence the loading speed of a site. As well as your page size, image, and other content. The Hosting speed is a significant factor in a site’s loading speed.

You can optimize your site’s page, article, and image, but you have no control over your hosting service. It will increase your bouncing rate & your visitors will decrease proportionately.

Most importantly, the optimum or acceptable loading speed is 1-2 seconds (acceptable to Google).
However, the best option is loading within 1 second and a maximum of 3 seconds.
Delay Loading time discourages the visitors (For an extra 1 second more delay reduces about 50% of visitors).

Again, you can lose your visitors forever if it lasts 5-6 seconds. So, you have to be careful in choosing the Best Hosting Service for a new blog

3. Site Uptime and reliability:

Maybe you are familiar with words like site-“Uptime” & “Downtime”. That means – How much time your site is online is called “Site Uptime” and when your site is in the drop mode is called “Downtime”.

For instance – When your site is not loaded or in “Downtime”- mode, you can lose your traffic and revenue, and the search engine does not like it. ( Like Google).

Sometimes- it happens from the hosting provider’s end. So, check the “Site Uptime” – which is guaranteed by your Hosting provider. It is called an internet provider’s – SLA (Service level agreement).

The site uptime is more acceptable when it’s closer to 100. But it is impossible to assure 100% uptime for any hosting provider, because of any uncertain and accidental conditions.

So, on average the acceptable SLA uptime is 99.9% (as 1 nine). The better service condition is calculated as 2 nine (99.99%),  3 nine, 4 nine, and 5 nine. According to, we can determine the results as

How to select the best Hosting Service

Yearly Delay8H 45 mYearly Delay12m 35 sYearly Delay5m 15 sYearly Delay31 SecondsYearly Delay3 Seconds
 .9 .99 .999 .9999 .99999
1 Nine/ uptime2 Nine/uptime3 Nine/uptime4 Nine/uptime 5 Nine/uptime
  • 99.9 (1nine) means:
SLA 99.9 % uptime/availability  is permitted the downtime/unavailability for: 

Daily: 1m 26s

Weekly: 10m 4s

Monthly: 43m 49s

Quarterly: 2h 11m 29s

Yearly: 8h 45m 56s

  • 99.99 (2 nine) means:

SLA 99.99 % uptime/availability  is permitted the downtime/unavailability for: 

Daily: 8s

Weekly: 1m 0s

Monthly: 4m 22s

Quarterly: 13m 8s

Yearly: 52m 35s

  • 99.999 (3 nine) means:

SLA 99.999 % uptime/availability  is permitted the downtime/unavailability for: 

Daily: <1s

Weekly: 6s

Monthly: 26s

Quarterly: 1m 18s

Yearly: 5m 15s

  • 99.9999 (4 nine) means:

SLA 99.9999 % uptime/availability  is permitted the downtime/unavailability for: 

Daily: 0s

Weekly: 0s

Monthly: 2s

Quarterly: 7s

Yearly: 31s

  • 99.99999 (5 nine) means:

SLA 99.99999 % uptime/availability  is permitted the downtime/unavailability for: 

  • Daily: 0s
  • Weekly: 0s
  • Monthly: 0s
  • Quarterly: 0s
  • Yearly: 3s

You can calculate your website’s offline time through the SLA of your hosting provider from the website: uptime. is/99.99999 or (uptime. is/five-nines)

3. Allocated Space (Storage) on the server:

A website or blog site needs to install & store many plug-ins, videos, podcasts, articles, and sometimes high-resolution images, and some unique designs or themes for web pages, which occupy a large space. 

So, before purchasing, you need to focus and discuss with any experienced one about the allocated storage of your hosting provider and your estimated need. 

Again, if you don’t need more space-don’t need to pay more cost for extra and idle space.

 It is best – if the service provider allocates an unlimited space. But it is very few.

4. Sufficient capacity and monthly traffic:

 Some hosting providers offer their service plans with limited monthly traffic and capacity. It means, after exceeding the traffic limit and capacity, they will charge you an extra amount. And you have to pay for that.

Otherwise, your site will not be visible to your visitors. So, monitor their offer and packages.

5. Better customer support: 

Most of the time, the website owner and bloggers ignore the customer support of a hosting service provider. But, in a lack of better customer support, you may lose huge traffic and revenue.

So, always select hosting with their reputed customer support, so that you can get instant service from their end and get a solution as soon as possible.

6. Security:

 Your data and site security also depend on a better hosting service company. Your chosen host service must have an opportunity and option to protect your information and also back up with a recovery system.

Otherwise, you may lose your virtual assets forever. Check up on the guarantee of your data security. A good hosting service provider will support you with a free SSL or TLS certificate and HTTPS connection.

7. Salient feature & technology:

A good hosting service provider gives a free daily backup for 30 days and can host multiple websites simultaneously.

Also, they can adopt the latest technology with the necessity of solving the problem soon. These are considered the salient features of a good hosting provider.

8. Availability of email service:

When you are doing a unique business, you will need a unique identity with your email ID. The prominent hosting service provider allows for a unique email id along with your business identity.

You will use an email Id according to your small business requirements. Some hosting companies may use third-party contact & have an integration opportunity for email service. Which is also acceptable to the users.

9. Free/paid domain service:

A good hosting company also provides a domain service and multiple or sub-domain selection opportunities, along with the hosting service. Which will give you enormous support to increase your website and hassle-free domain renewal benefits.

10. CMS service (free/paid):

If you want to create a blog site/website for affiliate and CPA marketing and don’t know about coding like HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, JAVA, etc.

You can get help through any CMS(Content management system), some better hosting providers will give you a free option to use CMS like WordPress, Magento, and Drupal. So that you can make your blog/website easily.

Select any hosting service provider with a CMS integration option, especially free(CMS).

11. Migration option:

 A good hosting service always allows its user to migrate the domain name and full database to another provider. Some of them provide this opportunity at an additional charge.

12. CDN integration: 

A CDN (Content delivery network) integration option is another quality to selecting a better hosting service. The CDN will help your website to be faster. Caching content globally it will make your web infrastructure robust and reduce latency.

It will increase your server security and web health. The extra layer of protection, like verification, will save your popular website from the attack of DDoS (distributed denial of service) by a web application firewall of a CDN.

Currently, the best CDNs are Cloudflare, Akamai, Fastly, MaxCDN, Incapsula, Netlify, etc.

13. Pricing:

The most important consideration in selecting a good hosting service is Pricing. Most of the time, the newbies select the cheaper/cheapest hosting to reduce initial costs.

And they don’t seriously consider the other necessary features of a hosting service. So, before selecting a hosting service, one should justify the other salient features and price.

Again, some good and reputed hosting service providers give all the best opportunities at the lowest price due to market competition. So, we can select one of them easily.

14. Payment method:

Sometimes the payment method creates an extra headache for a user. A better hosting service will give you an easier and universally acceptable or popular payment method to purchase the product.

15. Customer Review:

The last and final parameter to select a (good/better/ best) hosting service provider is “Customer Review”.

Before purchasing any service or product read carefully the customer’s review and feedback. It will help you to get the actual info and customer satisfaction about the service and product.


 You can take advice and suggestions from your friends and family or any known person who is using a hosting service and can describe to you the pros and cons of his brand. 

Which is the best hosting service provider to choose?

Here we have mentioned some cheapest but most popular hosting providers to create your blog site with the available quality mentioned above.

  1. Namecheap
  2. SiteGround
  3. HostGator
  4. Bluehost
  5. GoDaddy
  6. Hostinger
  7. Dreamhost
  8. Interserver
  10. Weebly

Finally, if you want to see the full review to select your hosting plan with the pros and cons of popular blog hosting providers, Go read my article: Web hosting service providers in 2023 (The Best -15).

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