how can I do affiliate marketing with a free blog

Free blog VS. Paid blog: The Eternal Truth About.

If you are going to start a blog, you might have a question about a free blog and also hosting or paid blog. So, Free blog VS, Hosting (paid) blog, Which one is better? How can you do affiliate marketing with a free blog? Is it better to start a free blog? You will get all these answers after reading this article.

Before reading the article After selecting the type of blog and a specific niche, you have to decide about your blog’s platform. It’s maybe related to your cost.

According to your budget – There are two types of blogging platforms:

  1. Free blog.

  2. Paid or Own blog (Hosting blog).

If you have a tight budget or do not have enough money to expend on a domain and hosting, then you may go to create a blog for free.

A. why you might prefer a free blog to a paid one?

Here are ten potential reasons why a free blog might be the superior choice over a paid blog:

01. You don’t have to pay:

You can start creating and publishing content on a free blog without paying for hosting, domain names, or any other costs associated with a commercial site.

02. More people can access your blog:

Anyone with an internet connection can access a free blog, regardless of their financial situation or level of technological expertise.

03. You don’t have to worry about monetization:

If you have a paid blog, you may feel more pressure to make money from it. With a free blog, you can focus on writing without worrying about earning an income.

04. Have more creative freedom:

Since there are fewer requirements or restrictions placed on your content, a free blog may give you greater creative flexibility.

05. You’re not obligated to post regularly:

If you have a paid blog, you may feel pressured to post regularly to make up for the expense. With a free blog, you are under no obligation and are free to write whenever you are motivated or have the time.

06. Getting support from the community:

Many free blogging platforms have vibrant user communities that can provide support, criticism, and guidance.

07. The platform is easy to use:

Many free blogging platforms are simple to use and intuitive, making it easy for anybody to write and post content.

08.No technical knowledge is required:

You can establish a free blog without any prior technical knowledge. The platform handles all the technical aspects on your behalf.

09. You have more control over your content:

With a free blog, you have more control over your content’s presentation and distribution because you own it.

10. There is no financial risk:

A free blog eliminates the possibility of a financial loss if it is unsuccessful. Without being concerned about the financial repercussions, you can experiment, try new things, and make mistakes.

free blogs - good or bad?

B. Free blog VS. Paid blog: The Eternal Truth About.

Here are 15 Potential reasons why you might want to avoid a free blog vs. paid blog:

01. Limited customization:

Many free blogging platforms only provide a small number of customization options, which might make it challenging to design a distinctive website with a polished appearance.

02. Storage space restrictions:

Free blogging platforms frequently have storage capacity restrictions, which might make it challenging to upload huge files or high-quality photographs.

03. Advertising:

Some free blogging platforms could show adverts on your page, which can be annoying and hurt the user experience as a whole.

04. Limited features:

Free blogging platforms could not provide as many tools or features as commercial platforms, which may restrict your capacity to expand your blog and interact with your audience.

05. Limited support:

You might not have access to as much support with a free blog as you would with a paid platform.

06. Limited branding:

It may not be possible for you to utilize your domain name or develop a distinctive brand identification with a free blog, which might make it challenging to stand out from the competition.

07. Limited choices for monetization:

If you have a free site, your options for making money off of your content may be limited, which can make it challenging to make a living blogging.

08. Limited analytics:

Free blogging platforms may not provide as comprehensive an analytics package as premium platforms, making it challenging to monitor the performance of your website and make data-driven decisions.

09. Limited SEO:

Free blogging platforms might not provide as many choices for search engine optimization (SEO), which could hinder your potential to rank highly in search engine results pages. (SERPs).

10. Limited control:

You might not have as much control over your website with a free blog as you would with a premium platform. This may restrict your capacity to alter your website if your needs change, add new features, or make other changes.

11. Limited security:

Free blogging services could not provide as much security as premium platforms, leaving your website open to hacking or other security flaws.

12. Limited dependability:

Free blogging platforms may have more outages or technical difficulties than commercial platforms, which can have a detrimental effect on the functionality and user experience of your website.

13. Limited scalability:

It may be challenging to grow your website and increase your audience because free blogging platforms are not always as scalable as premium platforms.

14. Limited ownership:

It may be challenging to move your website to another platform in the future if you have a free blog because you may not fully own your content or website design.

15. Limited credibility:

Using a free blogging platform can lower your website’s credibility and authority in your business or speciality because they are not as regarded as professional or credible as premium platforms.

Final verdict:

Finally- If you want to do your affiliate marketing on a free blog and you should think about the future of your online business.

Again, If you want to be a professional online trader,  I strongly suggest you – not use a free blog permanently for business purposes. Though I believe:

  • One can start his blogging with the free blog but should not continue his longtime and permanent business with the free one. 

  • Again, for one’s own business identity and future business strategy, one must need a paid blog.

  • It is better for a starter to start with free and practice his blogging and should drive the traffic to the paid (own) blog to increase visitors.

  • In the long run, the free blogger might have to pay a lot for his free blog instead of an initial domain & hosting cost to make it his/her own.

Remember: “Nothing is free in this world” – every free thing is drawing its cost directly or indirectly. The free blog is never your blog.

In addition, the paid blog depends on Domain and Hosting Costs. So, we should learn about a domain and hosting service in the next step.

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