What is broken link and how to fix it in a post

What is a broken link & How to fix it in a post?

Hi- friend! If you have re-created or re-publish your content, your visitor may be faced a problem regarding a “Broken link”. So, you should know – What is a broken link & How to fix it in a post?

So, you can fix the problem regarding a broken link by reading the post. Please, read the article and try to apply it, hope your problem will be resolved.

01. What is a broken link?

A hyperlink on a website that doesn’t function or directs users to an error page is known as a broken link or a dead link.

When a user clicks on a broken link, they will see a 404 error message or another error indicating that the page or resource they are trying to reach is not available.

02. When and why the Broken link appears?

Broken links can appear for several reasons.

  • Somehow the page is relocated or removed from the webpage
  • If there is any error in the link’s URL.
  • The website link points to go temporarily or permanently unavailable.
  • Changing the URL, title and focus keyword of a page will cause old links pointing to the previous URL to become broken links.

Too many broken links can have a bad effect on both user experience and SEO.

03. Does Change the “Title” or “Focus keyword” of a post cause a broken link error?

A title or keyword change doesn’t always create a broken link. If the URL of the page remains the same, then the links pointing to that URL should still work fine. The content of the page is still relevant to the anchor text used in the links.

04. How to Fix (Repair) the broken link of a post in WordPress?

To repair a broken link in a blog article/post, you need to follow several steps.

Find the broken link:

First, Identify the broken link by clicking on it and checking if it leads to a 404 error page or another error message.

Alternatively, you can use a broken link checker tool to examine your website for broken links.

Choose the correct URL:

Firstly, Locate the correct URL for the broken link by searching on search engines or inspecting the linking page.

Update the link:

Then, Edit the hyperlink in the blog post editor, update the correct URL, and save the changes to fix the broken link.

Test the link:

Now, Test the link to ensure that it now functions properly by clicking on it or using a broken link-checking tool.

Redirect the old link (optional):

Finally, after updating the old link, test it to ensure it functions properly. Click the link or use a tool to check its functionality. or use a broken link-checking tool. Then you should re-direct the old link to the new URL through 301 redirecting plugins.

Bonus tips.

How to get my previous link after changing the Header/ Title?

Follow the given steps to find a specific page’s prior link after updating your website’s header.

01. Check your website backups:

First, Restore your website backup to check the prior URL after header change.

02. Check your website analytics:

Second, You can check the previous URL of a page by reviewing data in Google Analytics or another online analytics service integrated with your website

03. Use an online archive tool:

Thirdly, You can check the previous URL of a page by reviewing data in Google Analytics or another online analytics service integrated with your website.

Again, you may see older versions of your website using online archiving tools like “Wayback Machine”. You can check to see if a page is available in the archive by entering its URL.

04. Check your website’s sitemap:

You can look for the previous URL of the page in the sitemap if your website has one. You may find links to older versions of your website in the sitemap.

05. Contact your web developer:

Furthermore, contact your web developer to check for a record of the previous link if the above methods do not work. If a backup of your website is available or analytics access is granted, the web developer can provide you with the prior URL.


In conclusion, By using the techniques listed here, you can find the previous link to a specific page on your website before changing the header. If you find the post “What is a broken link & how to fix it?” useful, please leave a comment.

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